Defining double shot of espresso by weight or volume?

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Hey guys! So i've been making espresso for the past couple of months and was always under the impression that for a double shot of espresso you'd want about 2oz of liquid in about 30 seconds. I was literally making 2 ounces of espresso by weight, meaning my shots weighed about 56 grams. I have now recently found out that the 2 oz referred to volume and not weight. So basically my question is, for a double shot of espresso, with about 18 grams of dry coffee weight, I should be looking to extract about 2 oz in volume and 36 grams in weight of espresso, is that correct? Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

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Check this out, it explains: Brewing ratios for espresso beverages. What you were pulling is well into lungo range.
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Ah okay. I've looked at this chart quite a bit today. It helps a lot. So basically whenever you read somewhere online suggesting 2oz for double shots, they are taking about volumetric measurements?

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That's right.

I think you will find that most people here talk about their espresso shots by gram weight as that seems a more reliable way to measure.


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Okay thanks for the information, much appreciated!