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Thank you for the dark roast suggestion, I do visit the US multiple times a year, and next time I do, I'll go ahead and try the Opus you've suggested!

BTW, I ended up purchasing some fresh dark roast from my local cafe roaster, and once dialed in, the NZ was approximately around the same settings as the medium roasts I had used previously (and NOT the crazy super low setting I needed on the Niche for the SB beans).
Looks like the SB beans were an abnormality (either just crappy beans, or super stale, or a combination...)

Cheers all!


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HB wrote:That's not been my experience. Dark roasted coffees typically require a finer grind. Of course, there's always exceptions. For example, single origin coffees like an Ethiopian will require a finer grind than a "crowd pleaser" espresso blend, despite the latter being darker roasted.
Agreed, and that was the best and shortest answer to the OP's question....though two more pages of other interesting stuff was discussed. :)