Could someone with a Scace Device run a puck screen test?

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On the decent forum, some users have noticed that the use of a puck screen results in a temperature decline of a few degrees. However, the decent temperature sensor sits behind the shower screen, which is to say on the water side of the puck. If someone has a scace device and a puck screen, could you take some measurements with and without a puck screen popped into it. I guess the problem there is that the puck screen will probably sit right on top of the temp sensor and might even touch it, rather than sitting where it would on top of the puck, but if it's easy to get the data it would be great to just do it and then we can work out what it means.
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Still looking? (I can do these readings on a weekend.)

However, note that the first three seconds of readings during a shot are usually ignored when calculating average shot temperature - the probe is catching up (thermocouple lag).
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A lot of things in espresso are hard to calculate on paper, but this isn't one of them. :)
The puck screen is fairly heavy at 19.5 g (at least the Flair 58 version). Punching in the numbers for thermal calculation (water amount, temperature of the screen, specific heat of water and stainless steel) shows you would lose 2-3 C to the puck screen, if you had kept everything else constant. For this reason, BPlus recommends you up your water boiler temperature by a similar amount. This is with the screen initially at room temperature. If it's preheated, temp loss would be less.


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There are puck screens that are only 0.2mm thick with very little mass. I'd assume they a negligible impact on temperature. The ones that are 1.7mm or 2.0mm thick are more likely to effect it.


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That's why I use paper filter (I cut aeropress filters) because you do get the benefits but not the drawbacks.


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Where can you get paper filters that are the right size?


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My Londinium takes standard 58mm portafilters. For the appropriate baskets, I find the filters Cafelat sell for their Robot fit perfectly and function as well as the thin filter screens.