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RapidCoffee wrote:...I have tried other pointy things (like toothpicks), and they didn't work nearly as well for me. I'm sure that anything thin and pointy will work as long as it's comfortable to hold. A dissecting needle fits the bill very well.

Dan was kind enough to set up a forwarding address: Email me requests with "Weiss Distribution Tool" in the subject line, and I'll reply with an address to send your SASE. I've got several dozen dissecting needles on order; they should arrive in a week or so. I'll repost when (if) supplies get low so that nobody wastes stamps.
Dissecting needles have arrived! Absolutely no strings attached; if you want to try this, all it costs you is a SASE.

So far I've only received a couple of requests on HB. I'll give it another week and then throw the rest out on CG.

- John

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RapidCoffee wrote:So far I've only received a couple of requests on HB.
Just sent you a request.


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It's hard to remember all the HB prizes distributed in the past year. Black Cat demitasses, Ecco Cafe Daterra Reserve, La Marzocco demitasses, Gold Pro II steam tips, Grindz Grinder Cleaner (twice), Pallo Coffee Tools, and of course the big one, SwagFest 2005 (Mazzer Mini P, I-Roast, Illy cups, EspressoCraft tamper, Clicker Tamp, a month of coffee from Counter Culture Coffee / Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters). Have I forgotten anything? And thanks to John, now we have this...

Dissecting needles as barista tools - no stone left unturned in search of exceptional espresso

This must be some milestone. I don't know what, but it must be one. :lol:
Dan Kehn