Consistently getting a floating island crema: help!

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#1: Post by mileupHK »

Would everyone say the temperature is to high on the espresso machine?
I getting a consistent "island" crema or independently floating crema.

1) grind coarser?
2) lower or raise temp?
3) Any other thoughts on a solution or is it normal?

Any thoughts?
Thank you

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#2: Post by Jeff »

I'm having a hard time imagining what you're seeing.

Can you show a photo and tell us something about the coffee, such as blend/SO, roast level, how long since roasted?

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#3: Post by Nunas »

Chances are, it's the beans. In a good shot, crema starts out as a really thick layer of foam. Eventually, it disperses, but still covers the whole surface with some depth for quite a while. If you're getting such a tiny bit of crema at the onset that it's merely a thin floating island on the surface, surrounded by liquid coffee, you've probably got really stale beans.

mileupHK (original poster)

#4: Post by mileupHK (original poster) »

he beans are old 3 mo. The crema come out nice and blond on the initial extraction.
If it sits for a 30+ sec it takes on an floating island feel.

most likely a derivative of age
thank you for the reply!

mileupHK (original poster)

#5: Post by mileupHK (original poster) »

Sounds like old beans!
Its a blend, med roast and 3 months old.

Ill post if i have same issues with 2 week old coffee running through the espresso machine.

Thank you for the reply!

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#6: Post by cannonfodder »

2 weeks post roast is actually getting old. I am assuming it is 2 weeks after roasted on date and not 2 weeks since I got the bag.

A photo or video of what is going on would be helpful.
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#7: Post by mborkow »

Three month old coffee...even if that's not causing this, that's not a good start.