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LA42014 wrote:Just a novice here-can you explain this?
In the pressure set video, I do not see any flow out of the gauge, hence the OPV is set to static pressure.

When the puck flows, the pressure may be different.

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There is a method using flow debit, which is easier to do without a pressure gauge (it's not as exact but it worked well for me on two occasions).
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Do you have one of the "older" Gaggia Classic machine (pre-2018 I believe) or one of the newer Gaggia Classic Pro models (2019 or newer)? I had one of the newer ones and like Chris (PIXILLATE) alluded to, it can be a steep uphill battle. I also had a very difficult time pulling a shot that wasn't seemingly bitter and over-extracted.

Aside from temperature instability, I believe my big problem was that the stock OPV was set too high and I found that the OPV on the newer machines is non-adjustable. So with the brew pressure being too high, it forced me to grind finer in order to even come close to the recommended parameters of a 2:1 ratio in the 25 second range. Here's a post that kind of chronicles my progress with adjusting the pressure:
Dealing with high brew pressure on 2019 Gaggia Classic?

If you aren't interested in the DIY approach, Mr. Shades coffee in the UK offers a spring kit so lowering the brew pressure is as easy as swapping out the spring in the OPV:

The other thing I ran into is that I seemed to be suffering from a LOT of channeling... After doing the nickel test, I found that I could only put about 15 grams of coffee into my double basket before failing the nickel test.

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OPV springs are also easily available on ebay here in the US. Cutting the stock spring is also an option.

Temperature surfing may help as well. A meat thermometer probe mounted on the boiler can help you figure out how hot it is getting..

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I found swapping out the Gaggia for a Profitec 600 solved all my frustrations with the Gaggia :P