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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.
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So drink more, waste less and support you fair trade suppliers.
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HB wrote:In this case, I run the grinder for a couple seconds to clear the chamber of the old grinds after a setting change. You could be super miserly and not discard, but your first shot after a change will be a mixture of old and new, and the pour will drift ever so slightly on the second shot after the adjustment. Then again, if you're not super picky or you're serving a latte lover, it may not matter. :lol:
Sweeping out the tunnel with a brush is no longer possible with the Kony, hence I too run the grinder for a few seconds when I havent used it for a few hours. But I collect these grinds and use them to season the cleaned PF in the morning when otherwise the first espresso has a somewhat metallic taste