Coffee is a bit off peak - making the most of it

Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.

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Using an Europiccola post-mil, Niche Zero... medium-light roast... Current bag of beans is just starting to be "less nice" but there's still some in it. (Next bag is in the mail, arriving in 2 days, and will take a week to show its true colors).

Just from following preinfusion & shot time, I grind a bit finer & tamp a bit more carefully. It seems to channel much more easily (shakes fist to ceiling - get those needle rake WDTs).

Any suggestions to make the most of what I have? - and learn something along the way...


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Good to see another South Floridian!

WDT is definitely a huge improvement, so get one! I really should put in for an order of needles so I can 3D print these tools..

In the mean time, maybe try turbos, (coarser grind, lower pressure, longer yield).

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Brew toward hotter end of your spectrum - a tad of bitter hides a tad of stale. edit: but only a tad of stale... I just tossed yet another bag.
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Sometimes it is just to far gone for espresso but may still yield a decent french press or other immersion brewer short term at the tail end.

If going finer doesn't cut it, you could also try it as a turbo shot. Sometimes with past light or light medium roasts this worked for an acceptable if not great cup from rapidly troughing beans.
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#5: Post by iploya »

You could experiment with cream and sugar. How about a scoop of chocolate ice cream with the shot pulled over it, then mixed with a spoon. Blended drinks. Etc. Think about how bad the corporate coffee shots are and yet I still love an occasional caramel-coffee shake. The bad at-home espresso is usually better.


#6: Post by ojt »

Doesn't sound like it's stale, but rather just lost its edge. I find myself often chasing those fruity notes with older beans. Usually lowering the temperature and grinding a little bit finer helps. If the coffee just feels faded maybe try upping the dose and coarsening the grind.