Coffee grounds riding up basket walls

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#1: Post by EuroNico »

I hope I'm not in the wrong forum!
I've had an Europiccola for a few weeks, and I'm still chasing a delicious shot. For the past week, this keeps happening:

Regardless of the grind setting or WDT, the grounds have been riding up the walls of the portafilter basket. During pre-infusion, droplets also always appear at the basket edges first. Visually, my tamper seems a bit small, but I don't have a way to measure accurately enough, could that be a cause?

Thanks for reading :)

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#2: Post by cafeIKE »

How much coffee are you putting in?

Try grinding a notch finer and drop the dose by a gram.

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#3: Post by p4lxrich »

what does your puck look like before the shot (after tamp)? from the pix when you tamp i see a big space between the walls and the tamp itself. looks like you need a wider tamp.

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I put in 14g which I guess is the upper limit of this basket. It still leaves plenty of clearance, but I'll give it a shot, thanks!

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It looks good before the shot, but since this started happening, I do tamp a few times to make sure all the edges are flat, as it does leave "walls" of coffee along some of the basket edge.
This is my first set up and got all this second hand, so I wasn't sure what kind of edge clearance is good for a tamper and hoped the previous owner had the right stuff! my understanding is that the tamper should be around 0.75mm smaller in diameter, which I think would leave a much smaller gap than what I see with my current setup.
Thanks for your reply! I'll have a look around for 49mm tampers too after trying cafeIKE's solution :)

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#6: Post by skink91 replying to EuroNico »

Umm... if your tamper is smaller, won't the gap be larger?

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#7: Post by John49 »

Your tamper diameter is too small.

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Have to agree with others that the tamper is too small. Also, tamping multiple times may introduce even more issues.

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Sorry, my message was pretty unclear, I was writing it at work!
I meant to say:
I read that a "perfect" tamper should be 0.75mm smaller than the basket. I don't have precise enough tools to check, however, visually, the gap that you can see in the picture seems to be quite a lot larger than 0.375mm, therefore my tamper appears to be too small.

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#10: Post by Nunas »

Not only is your tamper too small, but, I'm guessing, you may be exasperating the problem by tamping very firmly. The middle of the puck would be very compact, but the edges much less so. This could lead to edge channeling. Try this; wrap your tamper base with tape, using enough turns to make it just wide enough to fit the basket. Don't tamp really hard, there's no need to do so. Meanwhile, make or order a proper tamper :wink: