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Hi all,

I have recently been getting into espresso making at home with my Sunbeam PU800 Torino and matching grinder.

I am currently using a light roasted coffee from the local place I always buy from and have been going through my dialing in process, ensuring I always weigh my coffee in and out.

For starters, since I am having to grind quite fine for the bean, I am noticing that I get a few bits of ground coffee in the bottom of my espresso which I can see easily if I pull a shot into a macchiato glass and add some milk.

I have thought about increasing the grind a touch, however the shot will start to pull too fast as it is already not quite as slow as I would like.

Is it normal to have some grounds in the cup? If not, what could I look at? The last shot I pulled was 18.5g in, 66g out over 28 seconds which I feel is a far too high of a ratio so would I potentially need to increase the grind size to counteract the ground coffee in the cup and then increase the dose to counteract the shot time as well as help to bring the ratio down?

Any help would be much appreciated!
Thanks all,

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Grounds in the bottom of your cup might be a puck prep issue. There might be grounds at the bottom on the outside of your portafilter when you tamp or just around the portafilter in general. Ensure you swipe off any loose grounds before you lock in the portafilter. I was getting grounds in my milk pitcher of all places. I make sure to keep that thing on a separate table when I prep my espresso.

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Normal for fines? I think so. Depends on your grinder, burr set and prep. Fines are a good thing from what I'm reading. Binds your puck together. If you've got them in your grind and tap your basket around to level the dose they sink to the bottom. On a pull they can fall out of the basket holes. Use a basket filter and fines shouldn't drop out. I don't use basket filters and see fines drop out at the beginning of a lot of my shots.
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Kyle26d (original poster)

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Thanks for the information, does make a lot of sense since my general method is grind, distribution using a wdt, one or two small taps on the bench, remove dosing ring and then tamp.

I will keep an eye out since I've gotten some new beans, but might avoid tapping on the bench to avoid the possibility of any coffee falling through.


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I notice that, despite thoroughly cleaning my portafilter after use, if I reinstall it onto the machine & run clean water into a white cup, there are always grounds.

I also see a few grounds after I thoroughly wash with soap/water & scrub brush/rinse at the kitchen sink. I add clean water from the sink to the portafilter basket & watch as trapped coffee "fines" or grounds rise up from their holes in the basket. When I look at the basket, clean & with a backlight, it looks as though the holes were made into the basket at an angle or something. It's an IMS 'BARISTA PRO" basket.

So you could try cleaning your basket then running some water from your machine through it into a white cup. See what you get.