Coffee dripper water tank and cleaning.

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Want to share an experience that others may have also ignored. Noticed a light hazy film on the inside of the water tank on Bonavita automatic drip brewer. Using a white paper towel rubbed the opacity and noticed a light pink rub mark a.k.a. Sarratia Marcescens. Been vigilant with cleaning of shower head, funnel and carafe but somehow overlooked the tank assuming the use of fresh water. Mea culpa was passing 5 cups of tap water to bring all up to temp before adding filtered water for brewing. In order to expedite the morning routine I often placed tap water in tank after last use, this standing water is what I believe facilitated the issue. Filled tank with hot water, Five Star PBW and Oxy Clean. Let stand for 30 minutes, rubbed inside tank with soft brush, passed solution through tank and further rinsed a few times last rinse with R.O. water. Squeaky clean now.

Coffee should taste better now. :mrgreen:
Was going to use Star san but read although safe for use on all surfaces, use caution since it is an acid; contact with soft metals, rubber, and plastic should be kept to a minimum.
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