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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.

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In my experience certain grinders require more or less puck preparation, and this is something one just needs to figure out through trial and error. My path to a consistent flow without channeling has lead to a more automated approach with regard to the tools I use. I have used all the different distribution type tools from OCD to chisel designs in an effort to mostly level my puck, but the introduction of leveling tampers solved this problem and now I use the Force tamper which not only keeps my puck level but applies a consistent/constant pressure. Now over the past two years I've concentrated on the Z distribution of my puck using most every WDT tool from the blind shaker, ESPCUP, and every needle device known to man...from paper clip, to UltraCraft, to the highly expensive Duomo 8. And yes, I agree with Jeff that the UltraCraft WDT tool is the best (paired to my grinder), but again I'm all about automation with consistency...and that's where I am presently, reluctantly (based on price) using the Duomo 8. Now one month into using this device, I'd say the Duomo 8 might be closer to the perfect tool had they used 0.4mm needles instead of thicker 0.7-0.8mm needles.

Just enjoy the journey!
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Thank you all very much, lots of useful advice!

I do some shaking on the portafilter, I guess I learned that was important myself, then tap the borders of the portafilter until coffee is more or less even, then hit the table to make it compact, and then tamp it strongly. It's what I learned myself, and the results are good I think, but I see how shaking more or using needles or other utensils can make this process even better, will try those. The levelling tool... I really don't know why it doesn't work for me, I adjusted the depth, and also played tamping after levelling... always water flowed too fast... perhaps its something to do with my grinder or my leveller.

(I have to say all my technique is adjusted to a specific coffee and all my gear, whenever I change coffee I struggle a lot to find the right spot, hence I stopped trying other coffees and just stick to classic Italian espresso, lavazza super crema. Missing a whole world of varieties but love my coffee)