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Here's a video of the two shots- (bean is un-photogenic Colombian)

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another_jim wrote:Yeah, I would like to see a grinder with vertically mounted high quality burrs.
How about that prototype LM grinder from the SCAA show a couple years ago? That was the cats meow from what I remember about it. Unfortunately, it probably costs as much as the family car and is only slightly smaller.
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The rumor mill is that the grinder was not released because it overheated severely, despite being a belt drive.

My take on all the overheating info is that the bean breaking itself creates the heat, not the motor. The only solution is to get the heat away from the burrs. Presumably the LM design had even more enclosed burrs than conventional espresso grinders.
Jim Schulman

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another_jim wrote:For home users, doserless grinders seem to exercise a nigh addictive fascination. I've given up shouting vainly as people sleepwalk towards them. The WDT is Doserless Anonymous for buyers who have hit their clumpy bottoms.
Please post a photo of the doser on your M3.

You have to sign as we've all gone deaf from TID [Thwack Induced Deafness].

WDT is a serene diversion in contrast to the 220v St. Vitus Dance a doser requires.

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cafeIKE wrote:Please post a photo of the doser on your M3.

Like dat one? ; >
Someone, somewhere, once asked if there was an M3 being used in a professional environment. This is such an M3, in Cartel Coffee Labs in Tempe, AZ. If y'all can remember where the original question was asked, I'll either get Jason to post some info there, or I'll pass on anything that he has to say. The onliest thing I've heard was that someone said that he said that (yeah, I know...), "some small piece that keeps breaking and in effect keeps it from running".

I'll post his own words, or he will, if I ever find out where the original thread went...
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