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Stainless makes life so much nicer.
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Try barkeepers friend and a green scrubby, a stiff noddle brush will get the groves and spouts,then finish with dawn dish soap,do a seasoning shot or two. JK

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I'll try barkeepers for some of the residual stuff, but it appears that the PFs are infact coated brass, and the brass has become exposed in both my double and single spouted. (More than likely I got them that way with the used machine) The double appears to have significantly more brass exposed than the single...which would make sense I suppose, although I can't speak to the previous owner's use.

It would account what I've found to be a difference in taste however between the worn PFs and my bottomless.

Do stainless PFs conduct and hold heat as well as brass?


#14: Post by puffinjk »

Before the bottomless and ss portafilters, Everything was chrome plated brass, So the cycle was scrub the black stuff down to shiny brass,season and repeat a week or so later. Jim

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#15: Post by jwCrema »

I soak my portafilter in Cafiza, whose solution concentrate is per their instructions. Cafiza is really just Trisodium Phosphate. I've tried Joe Glo which is Sodium Percarbonate. Joe just wasn't aggressive enough to remove the gunk you've described.

I use hot water, let it soak in the Cafiza for about 1/2 hour then scrub the heck out of it with stiff nylon brush. Then I rinse and put the whole thing in the dishwasher.

I am amazed at how difficult the gunk is to remove. Is this same stuff accumulating in my body somehow? Is this why my pants don't fit nicely?

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#16: Post by Marcelnl »

For me triphosphate works quite well and I can remove the gunk without muxh scrubbing, there may be differences betqeen beans and roast levels though...
Try havjng a look at yhe inside of your lungs, perhaps triphosphate cleaner can get rid of air pollution residue too :wink:
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