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#11: Post by PIXIllate »

In the interests of science (and DEFINTLY NOT because I'm a crazy person) I measured my drinking temperatures this morning.

For me I start drinking around 115F and the last sip is around 105F.

If I had to choose I'd rather drink a shot below those temperatures rather than above.

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#12: Post by okmed »

I think you mean Fahrenheit

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#13: Post by PIXIllate »

Ha! Yes, that would be a VERY different experience. Apologies, it was a bit early for experiments.

kris772 (original poster)
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Mine was quite bright at 145F, less so a minute later at 123F, quite nice at 98F as a latte. (new courthouse - still a bit raw at just barely 7 days.)(burnt, nutty/walnut.)(mellows to almond and lasts forever)
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