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I am thinking of trying out a triple brew as I have pretty much dialed in my double. I have a Breville Dual Boiler and the stock 18g 58mm basket that comes with it. I have a naked portafilter so the basket depth won't be a limitation. I am hoping to achieve the same consistency/flavor/extraction as my double below but with about 55 ml to 60 ml of coffee. Somehow I don't think I can maintain a 2:1 brew ratio with a triple unless I get an over-sized basket. Do such baskets (30g) exist? I am guessing most coffee shops just do a 3:1 when brewing triples?

1) If I get a new basket expressly for brewing a triples, what capacity/size should I get? 21g/24g/28g etc.
2) What would a typical triple brew profile be in terms of coffee in/out (grams), preinfusion time, brew time, brew temp, etc.

I like medium to medium-dark roasts and my typical double profile is below:

Brew temp: 198F/92C
Preinfusion: 5s
Coffee in/out: 20g/40g
Brew time: 27s (avg)

Thanks for any tips/suggestions you can offer.

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Looks like Decent's largest size is a 24g:

I am guessing this will comfortably accommodate 28g coffee?


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Following I too like a bigger shot but even with a 3-1 ratio its still not enough.

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Espresso Parts has the EPNW HQ 14 which doses like an 18, so their modestly priced HQ 21+ might be around a 25? Guessing, I haven't had one in hand.

You'll likely need a bottomless for any triple basket, if you don't have one already.

There are stamped, triple baskets that come with some generic bottomless handles. Stamped baskets seem to be hit or miss on how uniformly they are stamped. However, I'd be hard pressed to justify $30-40 for a VST or similar. VST does make a 25, which Chris' Coffee carries. In IMS, you'd be looking for a B703T... but I don't see any. Their deepest B702TFH28 basket is 28 mm high, suggested for "20/22 gr." With classic Italian sizing being 7 g per tazze, that's a "triple".

If it were me and I wanted a super-big "shot", I'd pull two 14-18 g shots.

Edit: IMS does make some 3T baskets in their standard line, though they don't seem bigger than their B702TFH28. The tapered one is taller, but I'm guessing that makes up for the lower volume due to the taper.


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I've got an HQ21 ridgeless, for years and years pretty much only basket I use on multiple machines. Maybe on super light roast I can get 20-22g comfortably, forget medium or dark. I mean you could dose up, but you'll likely have headspace issues when locking in or extracting depending on machine, like the BDB is stupid picky while GS3 or even my old CC1 could careless of headspace. Great basket though, imo it's easily better than my VSTs. Even back when I had the GS3.

I never understood VST point, and the HQ21 is stupid forgiving, such an easy basket to use. I have an hq14 but it's kinda useless as the 21 can easily handle. 16-18g doses. The 14g is a weird size. But those VSTs are ridiculously finicky whether Monolith or Vario, taste and pulls so good on HQ, think I brought my Vst20 out a couple months ago and put it right back in he drawer.

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I've got a VST-25 coming for (only) EKspresso; it is spec'd at 30mm high.
VST-20 is 26mm high.
The LF triple basket that currently comes with their various bottomless portafilters is 28mm high. However, the LF triple basket that I have actually holds a little less coffee than my VST-20.

Some specs on baskets that I don't have:
VST-22 - 28mm high.
Baristapro '22g' - 28mm
IMS Precision 18/22 - 28.5mm (B702TH28.5)

Actual maximum capacity is dependent on the particular machine, the particular shower screen (in some machines), and coffee.

As for taste, I personally prefer the taste from traditional Italian doses and basket depths for most of the roasts that I drink. However, for some roasts I want a syrupy ristretto - and then I will pull out the triple baskets. (High dose EKspresso is entirely different.)
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Thank you for all your responses. As you all have likely surmised I am a bit of a novice so this has been super informative and educational. Especially baldheadracing's bit about EKspresso (Espresso grinds using the EK43??) which I have not heard about till now. Thank you also Jeff and cmin for letting me know about Espresso Parts, HQ baskets and Chris's Coffee. All really good stuff.


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I did something similar to what you are planning with the Picopresso and got a stupidly large 51mm basket which I filled with 30 grams but could probably go up to 35 grams.
The problem is that it seems to have an adverse effect on extraction. The high dose extractions (with the same brew ratio) lead to a "blurred" taste similar to pressurized baskets. Maybe the high cylindrical shape has a "pressurizing" effect?
The crema also looked different and more akin to that of a pressurized basket.
For light roasts however it seems to work quite well.

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wirelesstevmc wrote:(Espresso grinds using the EK43??)
Yes, in particular, using the pre-2015 EK43 cast coffee burrs to pull long brew ratios, for example, 1:3. Those burrs are a bit hard-to-find now, so I have the somewhat-similar version made by SSP. There are also multple grinders now that use EK43 burrs - an actual EK43 is a bit of a monster in a domestic setting (loud and large).

Andy Schecter demonstrating Mahlkonig EK43 and Speedster extractions
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I recently got three of the HQ baskets (it was cheaper to try an extra basket & get free shipping). They are ridiculously reasonably priced but they seem to take a lot of care with them (you can read their origin story on the webpage). I had seen several recommendations here and on Reddit for these baskets saying they are very forgiving, it's easy to switch up dosing, and they are much easier to dial in than the super precision baskets.

I've been using the HQ21 mostly and I have to say, it holds a lot. Once distributed and tamped, there is a significant amount of space at the top and that's using a VERY dark French Roast dosing 21+ grams. But you could definitely get more in it, if you wanted. I think these are great baskets for people fairly new to espresso as they are easier to dial in, give great results, and they are super reasonably priced. I didn't want to pay $30-35 for a VST or competing basket only to get frustrated by it. Several people told me they were having issues w/ their precision baskets and simply couldn't get them dialed in at all. I've been really happy with mine. :)