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I am pretty sure it is not possible on the bambino. It is set to 93C

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Have you measured the water temperature with a thermometer to see what you're actually getting in the cup?
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Yes that would be a good thing to check off the list. If you have a thermometer with a wire thermocouple then you can lock it in with the portfilter and run a shot. If not then do an empty shot in a small cup, dump it and do another empty shot. See what it reads. It will likely be a few C below the group head temp but at least it will let us know if it is way off.

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Typically you want to measure temperature by pulling into a foam cup as they have the best insulation and least thermal mass.

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It may be challenging to measure on a flash-heater machine as the flow rate will be much higher without a filled basket in place. That seems likely to result in a lower indicated temperature than would occur during brewing. Between that and the temperature drop going into a cup, I'd expect to get nowhere near 94 / 201, or whatever you believe a reasonable, generic temperature would be.


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Did you get bambino brand new?

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I have an update:
I got a dark roast coffee from my local roaster. It is a bit better and now definitely drinkable but still sour. This coffee has some fruity notes so maybe I just dont like those. I also got 2 other dark roasts from my roaster, I will update how these taste, for now I am pretty sure i just dont like the fruity notes and resulting acidity from it.


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May be try an italian roast? they are usually more bold and dark with minimal fruity/acidic note

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I have now properly (i think) dialed in my coffee. I use 20g in and tried 40g and 50g out in about 36-46 sec. I found the best taste with:
20g in; 45g out in about 42 sec. Is this fine or do I have to worry? about the kinda long extraction time. My local roaster sait to keep it around 30 sec and 1:2, I now get the "perfect" shot with 1:2,25 in 42 sec. Is this fine and just something that is what it is?
My espresso tastes pretty similar to the shot my roaster pulled me when I picket up the coffe, I think I did the dialing in right? The coffe tasted a little sour with 1:2 but also a little bitter with 1:2,5. Seems fine now with 1:2,25

Please tell me your opinions on this.

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"18:36 in 25 seconds" or whatever is a benchmark, not an end point. You get near that familiar point as quickly as possible (one or maybe two changes), then you start dialing in. That benchmark is helpful as you start to learn things through experience like "I remember this kind of bitterness. Somewhere around a mark and a half is about right to fix it."

Unless you've got the same water, grinder, machine, and basket as your roaster, your end point will likely be different than theirs.