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I realize how banal this question sounds, but I tried the standard tips and my espresso still seems somewhat on the too sour side.
My setting is: Infuser, precision basket, Sette 30 with stepless adjustment.
I am using Black&White decaf, which is said to be medium-dark, but from the way the beans look it seems more on the medium side.
I shoot for about 30sec for the outcome to be the coffee weight x 2 (normally 17g in, 34g out)

I tried to decrease the dose and increase the time (15g in, 35-40g out, 17g in, 40g out), increase the temperature, grind finer. I also preheat the machine and the portafilter. I am using zero water with some potassium bicarbonate.

The coffee definitely does not taste bitter at all, it is clearly sour.

What else makes sense to do, or should I just train my taste buds?

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Sour usually means cold. I know little about that machine, but are you letting it warm up? What kind of coffee are you using? It's possible a different coffee would help if the machine does not get hot enough.

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That's what I thought. I keep the machine warmed up, and I increased the temperature.
Breville is supposed to be pretty good in controlling the temperature.

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Decaf usually behaves differently due to processing, and roast level is pretty hard to determine just by looks as well. Try an even finer grind more like you would use with a dark roast. So fine that you know in your soul that it is going to choke your machine. Then adjust a bit coarser if it actually does. Lol.
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30s from when you push the button or first drip? When I used the infuser my shots were around 30s from first drip. Which is closer to 40s from pushing the button.