Breville Barista Express uneven brew pressure

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#1: Post by Daedalus »

I have a breville barista express, using it to grind and pull the shots. Lately I've been getting a three part process;. ~10sec pre-infusion, ~10sec right at a lovely 9bars with a smooth stream into the cup, then a pump noice and a kick up to maybe 12-13 bars, shortly followed by spurting and mess for the back ~15sec or so of the shot. Usually results in some pieces of the puck stuck to the bottom of the basket after I dump the grinds; that and the spurt indicate heavy channeling.
Chicken or egg; is a channeling opening up causing the pressure kick, or is a pressure kick programed in that is forcing channeling?
-Do I need to work on my puck prep to keep things level past 10sec?
-Is this the Breville doing something weird?
Any thoughts welcome.


#2: Post by benddd »

Hello, first off the brewing pressure of the BE is not 9 bars but rather a 15 bar. Don't even look at the gauge and the espresso range its the most useless thing to be put in an espresso machine. First off what dose are you using? it sounds like the dose you have is pretty low. It also sounds like youre not grinding fine enough as a 25 second shot is too fast for a BE. You want your shots to be around 30-35 seconds because of the 10 second preinfusion. Most machines have a 5 second preinfusion which is why most shots are around 25-30 seconds. For the Barista Express the preinfusion is 10 seconds, so its more of a 30-35 second shot.

I'd first start with a 18g dose. Then make sure your distribute the coffee evenly. Then make sure you extract a nice 1:2 ratio ( which is 36 grams of coffee ) in about 30-35 seconds. 12-13 bar kick is very normal for this machine as its suppose to brew at a 15 bar. You can also manually pre infuse by holding the double shot button till you see drips coming out of your portafilter and then releasing it to get the full brew pressure.
The BE is weird but you can still get great shots from it, its just harder to do so but thats what you'd expect from a relatively cheaper espresso machine.