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Hello Fellow Coffee Nerds! :D

I have officially joined the espresso gang since I just got a Breville Barista Express in the year 2023. Been a long time fly on the wall by watching many coffee YouTube videos, talking with coffee friends, and going to many specialty coffee places in my area. I'm excited for this beginners quest I am about to embark on! ON TO THE QUESTION/ADVICE....

Could y'all hook a brother up with Mods and equipment upgrade advice for the Breville Barista Express? I'm not looking to buy a coffee grinder or get the most expensive scale or tamper. I'm looking for some DIY/budget friendly things. I know midrange upgrades would help but my pocket ain't there yet. Love you all and appreciate the advice/links/videos. If someone has already asked please feel free to post that link here as I'm new to this site as well :D THANK YOU!!!

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Get a dosing funnel and a scale. Plus some kind of rag to clean things.

Also, citric acid and cafezia to clean out the machine as needed.

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:D thank you!

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I'd recommend the OPV mod. This makes sure the Breville doesn't swing wildly high on the pressure gauge. Here is the most popular guide. It does bypass some water to the tray so be aware that the tray tends to fill faster when using the mod.

I also like a dosing funnel and WDT tool. While that isn't as needed with the breville due to the smaller portafilter, it is still good practice that doesn't take too long. I did get a $15 metal tamper from amazon and around a $18 scale with timer. I wouldn't worry about shower screens or new baskets but a blind portafilter could be nice down the road but not needed.

Lastly, I'd be sure you are pulling shots via weight. So a nice scale with a timer is needed. I recommend using the manual shot mode. Simply hold down the single shot button and it starts your shot. Keep holding to preinfuse. I usually do 8s preinfusion then let go. Push the button again to stop the shot at your target shot volume/weight.

Good luck!

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Having just completed the OPV mod I can attest to the improvement in shot quality. A few things I noticed were less harshness of the flavors, more balance between the acidity and bitters, and a much better mouthfeel (more full). This will make the time I have to wait for a new machine a little easier. I could have reduced the pressure a little more - I am at 10 Bar vs 9, but still a better shot altogether.

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If you got a new Barista Express, then you probably received the plastic funnel that came with it?

It's not really a mod, but maybe an accessory, but I would think about getting/buying (I haven't gotten one myself, although I want to) the piece that goes over the steam/water knob. I just don't like the way the knob feels when you turn it. But, the accessory might not make it any better than what's there?