Breville Barista Express cleaning steam wand

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#1: Post by smi02382 »

Newbie here. Just got my new Breville BE. Milk steaming is great with it, but maybe a pro can explain to me the "hard cooked" milk that sticks (hard) to the outside of the steaming wand? Sure never saw that before on my $130 DeLonghi machine. Thats not something wrong is it?

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#2: Post by Jeff »

Most machines with a conventional steam arm require the user to wipe down the steaming tip and wand immediately after every use.

Inexpensive machines and superautomats with "automatic" steaming can hide that baked-on milk. They need different cleaning approaches.

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#3: Post by macal425 »

With the Barista Express, you do have to 'immediately' wipe down the steam wand after steaming, with a wet cloth. A few seconds extra delay can be the difference between a clean wand and hard to remove cooked milk on it.

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#4: Post by Pressino »

I offer the following tip: besides merely wiping the steam wand right after use, I insert the wand into a pitcher or glass with clean water and steam that for a few seconds. This makes it easier to wipe off any remnants of milk stuck to the end of the wand.

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#5: Post by Milligan »

Be sure to blow a little steam out after removing the steam wand from the milk. You don't want milk up in the wand.