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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.
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I find my shots with 18g vst come together nicely especially when I drop the pressure slowly mid shot. If it is clearly extracting more on one side and bald in places I find it isn't nearly as good. Others will say this is sort of like "puckology" I.e. worthless, but I find it to be very indicative of the quality of extraction.

Grinding very fine and it may never come together. Also, using extremely unimodal burrs (ek43) and you may have a sputtering gusher that tastes great.

I use machined ditting 80mm burrs. I also use a paper filter under the puck which helps enormously with evenness.
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On the same coffee, as the extraction is very different, I would expect the espresso to be very different. Better or worse? No way to reasonably tell by appearance alone, unless you're only going to accept traditional Italian espresso and all its traditional parameters as "good".

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I used bottomless a handful of times when I first got my current machine, until I was sure my puck prep was good. I then put it away.

I just re-enabled it last week,when I brought another machine to work. I'm using the bottomless there.