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Postby cannonfodder » Jan 07, 2019, 4:47 pm

A blend may also help.If you are using a single origin coffee, some of them can be difficult to work with. A hard bean, light roasted African coffee in particular. Tamp pressure, just use the same every time. A light tamp to heavy tamp, makes no real difference as long as they are consistent. A good tamp cannot make up for a bad dose/distribution, but a bad tamp can ruin a good dose/distribution. If your flow issues favor a particular spot every time; go through your normal process. Then before you lock the portafilter in, turn the basket 180 degrees. If the problem area moves to the other side, look to your tamping. If it stays in the same spot, look to the machine. You mention a 1 gram scale. That will not work. You need a half gram minimum. Think in percentage. If you have 1 gram delta in a 14 gram dose you have a 7% +/- error. Get an inexpensive 0.1 gram scale off ebay.
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Postby nuketopia » Jan 08, 2019, 8:31 pm

breadline wrote:I'm back from the trip. While I was out of town I tried a couple of espressos at cafes to see how they were different from what I was making. At both cafes I went to the espresso tasted more mellow and smooth / even than what I've been making, and less acidic. But not too huge of a difference I'd like to say! I think I'm going to try a blend soon to see if if it's a little more mellow and smooth than the single origins I've been using.

Also this morning I tried recording an extraction on my phone to show how it's going now. Unfortunately my phone's camera isn't great quality and I had trouble getting a good angle

It's hard to see in the video but the espresso is still running out of the portafilter faster in some parts than in others, but overall a massive improvement over where I started. I wish I had filmed a before clip for a before and after, but with how much spraying there was that might not have been very safe. Thanks to everyone here for their help. I'm going to keep reading and practicing to get even more even extractions

It looks fairly normal, perhaps a bit fast.

How many grams of coffee and how many grams of beverage did you produce?

If you're getting spritzing, try grinding finer.