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tennisman03110 wrote:The only thing I'd caution is making your puck prep too drawn out. Do you really need up to three separate instances of WDT, and 30 seconds to start?

Focus on a repeatable process with minimal variations shot to shot. In a perfect world there is zero variation (not possible for any human).

Personally I only WDT once, about 5 seconds total, with my dosing collar still on. I grind straight into the portafilter.
I get what you're saying and I agree. I'll eventually try to downsize the process.

Right now I do the first 30 seconds because the grounds come with lots of clumps out of my Mazzer SJ, so it's approximately how long it takes to break them all.

The raking after removing the funnel is because, in my trial and error experience, not doing so results in donut shots, I believe it's because there are less grounds on the edges.

And the third is just in case I notice something is really uneven and I'm basically doing the first one again because I did it wrong the first time.


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Does your dosing funnel sit inside the basket or does it sit so it's flush with the basket? My first funnel would leave a little ring around the edge so I switched to one which attaches magnetically and is flush with the inside of the basket. That way there's no additional WDT needed after removing the funnel.

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I'm actually currently looking for one like this. Do you have a link for yours?


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I bought the tall magnetized funnel from decent espresso. I suspect you can find some on Etsy that are much cheaper.


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Have you tried a normal flat bottomed tamper?

Also, for leveling grinds good old palm tapping and a vertical collapse works well.
My workflow:
- Grind into basket
- WDT depending on the bean
- Vertical collapse
- Palm tap
- Tamp (i can achieve a level tamp on the bench, in mid-air[stuff was disassembled on the bench], when in doubt use finger tips to guide)

Visual/animated guide to tapping ... y-tapping/
Evidence that palm tapping is equal to OCD-style distribution tools ... e-results/


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BruceWayne wrote:I bought the tall magnetized funnel from decent espresso. I suspect you can find some on Etsy that are much cheaper.
AliExpress has them for quite cheap.

Friends with a 3d printer are even cheaper - I think I'm using this dosing funnel (in black, of course), but it could easily be modified to be taller if needed (or just find a taller one)

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I'd go even simpler. I'd definitely drop the side tapping as it is unnecessary with a good WDT tool having already leveled the grinds. Vertical taps, I've found, are nearly impossible to do vertically. One side of the basket nearly always gets favored. At a minimum, don't be forceful or sloppy.

What gets recommended for a cafe often has a lot to do with speed. A cafe can't afford 10-20 seconds of additional time per drink.

Or just go back to a dosered grinder and Stockfleths and a good, espresso blend.

"Dosing ring" or "dosing funnel" shows up for $15-20 on Amazon or your favorite import or auction/sale channel.

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I reviewed lots of funnels and decided this made the most sense with a Niche. One can move the PF about under the spout and get a very even distribution.

@ Amazon
But I only paid $9.09!

A nice simple spreader in several depths works a charm. Tap to settle, spread. Rinse & Repeat. No WDT. YMMV

PDF of pattern to cut out various sweep depths