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Beezer wrote:I just caught the espresso episode of Good Eats. I thought it was actually pretty good, but Alton needs to learn more about frothing. He recommends heating the milk without stretching to 160 degrees, then frothing the surface for a while. He was using a turbo frother and making some huge soap bubbles. So he's getting scalded milk and bath foam. Yeesh. Maybe Alton needs to start hanging out here.
Yeah, I caught that too. But to try to educate the masses on proper frothing and latte art would take a part 2 and 3 of the show. :?

Also, I didn't like how he panned the lever machines. Said they were too low a BAR for good espresso.
Same with grinders. He missed out on the superiority of the hand grinder. But I could be biased... 8)
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Well, I don't think it would have taken him any longer to do it right. All he had to do was say, "Suck air into the milk until it hits 100 degrees, then sink the tip and whirlpool the milk to 150." Instead, he instructed everyone to scald their milk and make big bubbled, flat milk. Yuck. Oh well, I guess no one's perfect.
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