Bellman steamer and induction cooktop

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#1: Post by quamau »

Planning to pair a Bellman to my robot. I have an induction cooktop: the info I can gather on whether the CX-25S actually works (at least decently) on induction is contrasting.

Anybody using it on induction? I could use some direct experience!

Thanks in advance

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#2: Post by spressomon »

My Bellman stovetop isn't induction compatible.
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#3: Post by Bluenoser »

I think that the bellman will work on some induction stove tops.. but a metal disk is also sold that can be used under the bellman on an induction top. I ordered one, but never got around to ordering the bellman to see how it worked. They are pretty cheap.. about $10 I think. Edit: mine is under 6" with holes throughout it..


#4: Post by harrisonpatm »

If the bottom of the thing you want to use on induction attracts a fridge magnet, it will work with induction. Product descriptions says that its made of stainless, which is almost never magnetic. If there is some iron content, probably not enough. Sorry.

As for a compatible disk to put in between the steamer and the induction top, this is a good idea, as long as the disk isn't too much bigger than the steamer. Otherwise the whole disk gets hot, and that's a lot of wasted energy and excess heat. Maybe shop around a hardware store looking for a thin iron circle that would work? Good luck.

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#5: Post by quamau (original poster) »

Stainless steel may or may not be magnetic, depending on the type, there are many.

Some Bellman vendors say it is not "designed" for induction (which is probably true) but this does not prevent it to work, sometimes. Some other sites mention the SS of the steamer to be 304 type, so the stove must work with 304 SS: how does one know?

I know the trick with the SS disks. I have them here, and they work, but I don't particularly like the workflow.

So, given such a confused situation, I guess my original question can be simplified as follows:

Can anybody with a CX-25S carry out the magnet test for me? If the magnet does attach, I am relatively certain it'll work.

Many thanks!!

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#6: Post by yakster »

I think you got your answer in post # 2.

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#7: Post by SteveRhinehart »

It depends on whether your induction hob will like the Bellman or not. The steamer is technically induction capable and I know of users who have had it work just fine for them. But not all induction burners are made equal. Some have trouble with cookware that works perfectly fine on other brands or models. From what I know the Bellman steamer is not a sure thing for induction use, so I'd usually advise having an induction plate or other burner as a backup.

quamau (original poster)

#8: Post by quamau (original poster) »

Thanks Steve, I get it now that it's very difficult (aka practically impossible) to predict whether the thing will work. Hence my choice boils down to accepting a little risk. mitigated by the availability of the induction disk.


#9: Post by Jonk »

Also, be careful - cookware not designed for induction can cause your stove to break in a spectacular fashion (even if it "works"). The Bellman is already a bit dangerous as is.