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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.
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Kaffee Bitte

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Good decaf coffee exists. And when it' is the good stuff it is usually almost on par with the potent brew I have had some amazing decaf shots mixed in with the good and bad. The Americano route is quite possible and not so daunting either once you get the learning curve done Really sounds like all you really need is an espresso grinder, and some good decaf.
I can't really point you towards the decaf since I roast for myself. But ask your local roasters about their decaf. You may find one that keeps fresh roasted worthwhile decaf that route. Most any of the sponsors would probably be a good route to try too. Any serious roaster is going to source quality decaf.
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Yes, there is excellent decaf coffee available. I've enjoyed some by Wonderstate and Counter Culture.
An inexpensive alternative is cold brew. Toddy brewers, etc, are cheap, and make a sweet, delicious concentrate that can be reconstituted with water or milk.
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ragdoll serenade

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Drip coffee and espresso are not mutually exclusive. For your described use, I would learn how to do drip and save your money if you are not that interested in espresso drinks (aside from americanos.) We do both in our house and while I love espresso and cappuccino if I could only have one method, it would be drip, but that is just me.

If you bought a Krups blade grinder and a Melita #2 cone and used fresh roasted beans you could make a nice cup of coffee with little fuss and about 30 bucks investment. I would go better though and get a Hario or Kalita set up with a Virtuoso + or equivalent quality BREW grinder, a scale and a pour over (gooseneck) kettle of some sort and you could then make fabulous coffee!

I don't drink decaf so I can't advise you there but I have had some that I liked, so I know it is out there.