Bambino pre-infusion

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Hi Everyone - the issues with the bambino's temp stability as well as the preinfusion phase only producing steam have been discussed as nauseum on HB. This issue gave me an idea based on my previous use of a flair machine. In a lever machine water is filled into the basket before any pressure is applied. So once pressure is applied, there is zero delay between water flow and the puck beginning to saturate. With this in mind, on my bambino I decided to use the purge water to fill the basket with water before locking the portafilter in, and then running the shot as usual. This method has led to coffee appearing on the naked pf *during* the preinfusion phase for which rarely happens without this method (I assume because of the steam issue), and shots are tasting way more textured & thoroughly extracted.

Has anyone already tried this? Let me know if others have tried or do try this and let me know if you have similar results.

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So you're manually filling the portafilter with hot water, then locking it in to pull a shot?

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Yes exactly