Anyone Weigh the Milk?

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#1: Post by Nunas »

Cappuccino and latte drinkers, do you weight the milk? I was making our usual double cappuccinos this morning and thinking about how scientific this hobby has become, compared to when I started many decades ago with a simple Bellman stove-top espresso maker. Weight-based measurement has all but supplanted volumetric dosing for many of us. I now have high end scales to measure the dosage to the nearest tenth of a gram, as well as measure the coffee output. I use these daily. I monitor the pressure and temperature of my shots every time. I measure the temperature of my milk, every time. My 7-270Wi grinder doses dead nuts on within a fraction of a gram. But, this morning I got to thinking, having meticulously measured everything to craft the ideally balanced shots for our palates, I then pour some milk into the foaming jug, more or less to the bottom of the spout, foam it and create my cappuccinos. Hmmmm...why have I never weighed the milk?


#2: Post by nuketopia »

Yes I do. I go for about 100g of milk for a capp with 32g of espresso in it. Not all of it winds up in the cup, but 100-110g is perfect for steaming in my Rattleware pitchers.

Why not? I mean the scales are right there. I weigh beans and beverage, why not the milk too.


#3: Post by 691175002 »

I haven't considered it because I generally pour to a consistent distance below the spout. I'd give it a shot but I pour and steam my milk while the shot is being extracted so the scale is already in use.


#4: Post by billt »

I don't weigh it but I use a measured volume, which amounts to the same thing.

The reason to do that is because the DE1 that I'm using has a steam timer feature. If you use a consistent volume the timer will stop steaming at the correct temperature, so you can do something else, like cleaning the group, while the milk is heating.

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#5: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

I'm not 100% precise but these pitchers have vol lines in two places on the insides. My wife likes 4oz, so that's what she gets and as long as there is a light on, I usually get it spot on. ... UTF8&psc=1
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#6: Post by yakster »

Who measures the density of their milk? :lol:

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#7: Post by rimblas »

Like Bill I also use a graduated Decent Espresso milk jug, usually 100ml and steam for 23 sec thanks to the steam timer on my DE1PRO. Same volume and steam time yields the same temperature. I love it; repeatable, no waste, and quick.


#8: Post by boren »

Yes, I do. I stopped weighing the coffee because my grinder has a timer, but no such option when it comes to milk.


#9: Post by maccompatible »

I like to weigh milk when I steam. Not because it's going to change what's in the cup, but because when I just eyeball it I often have some to pour out and that's pretty upsetting.
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