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#11: Post by cafeIKE »

Do you single dose the grinder or have beans in the hopper?
Do you purge the grinder to remove the stales from the previous shot.

Can you try grinding directly into the PF?

Which Torr?


#12: Post by GorchT »

You definitely have channeling issues. I haven't seen it but is your coffee fresh? (less than 3 months after roasting) Otherwise it could even be that you are too fine already because finer grind makes it easier to channel. Maybe try grinding coarser try to get an even extraction in let's say 25-30 seconds and don't care about the ratio. If the brew ratio is then too long for you decrease the grind size a bit. Try again getting an even extraction. This way I got rid of a lot of problems. At first I had 1:6 ratios now 1:2-1:2.5. Also the tip with switching to stock basket might help first because I heard (no experience) that vst baskets are a bit more tricky to handle.


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Mostafafawzy wrote:Machine: Gaggia Classic pro with a PID temp set to 94.5
This is very dependent on hardware and technique, but I've measured a 6-10 degree C difference between the PID setting the actual water temperature hitting the puck. Again, just my particular hardware, but I have the PID in Gaggia set to 106C. If I were to turn it down to 100C even my unsophisticated palate can notice.

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Yes I always single dose and purge the grinder with 1 or 2 grams when changing the grind setting. I'm using the torr convex 58.55mm tamper but I'm not always getting a perfectly flat tamp due to my technique.