Adjusting Rancilio Silvia v3 OPV

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Just want to share with other new Silvia users of my adjustment of the brew pressure today. As mentioned in the user manual, loosen up the nut (red arrow) and then turn the other one (yellow arrow) counter-clockwise to reduce the pressure. To keep track of how much I have turned, I marked "I" on the nut before I do anything on it.


After turning one half of a full revolution, "IV" was marked. This extent is suggested by a few Silvia users. Without a pressure gauge, I follow their advice assuming that my Silvia also has a default pressure of 10 bar.


The shot I pull looks like this. The harshness seems to go away but it doesn't taste like sweet. And the after taste is not as bitter but a bit bland without the strong taste left in the mouth. I don't know how it should taste but maybe I still miss something. The crema is also thinner with some larger bubbles on top.

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