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This is a picture of the 6th time I've used the Acaia app. I just started trying to make espresso for my very first time a week ago with my new espresso set-up. Im using a brand new Synchronika with flow control. This is with the flow control set at 3/4. I started the Acaia Lunar app at the first drip. From this data I'm I on the right track? What adjustments would you suggest. Thanks for the advice and suggestions, Allen

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Welcome to H-B!

Even with more complete data, such as the pressure in the basket and sample rate of around 5 times a second, you can't tell from a DE1 graph how coffee tasted.

My suggestions would be to set the flow control to whatever the "default" position is and ignore both it and the scale's flow-rate display for a while. Both are distracting from learning to watch the flow out of the basket and into the cup. I could watch real-time displays of my machine and I could use a fancy meter to measure how well I extracted the coffee (though not if it tasted good). I make my tasting notes before looking at either one of those to minimize drawing conclusions from data that may have nothing to do with flavor.

Tune the flavor by taste once you get close. One good starting point is Espresso 101: How to Adjust Dose and Grind Setting by Taste