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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.

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It's very dependent on basket shape. I always preferred the deeper single Izzo used to supply with their machines about 17 years ago, dosed with 9g they worked well.

i did a piece on it about 16 years ago now.


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Maybe try with freshly roasted dark roast beans? Will the gas slow down the extraction a bit?


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Found a guy to make them for me in my country (Indonesia) and it's perfect.


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aleks wrote:Thank you for the links and the observations on the volume vs mass when estimating output. Not sure why Italian baristas only refer to volume, crema is clearly a confounding factor there.

I suspected the same. For myself, I will entirely skip pre-infusion from now on, when pulling singles.

I do have the 41mm LM single basket. If you have any other tips/advice, that would be great.
Do you think I should flow control, or just set a lowish pressure at the pump (7,8 bars) and keep it there for the sake of consistency, with my singles?
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