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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.
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Add one more downside to transfering from one vessel to another... additional time passes. Your espresso should be drunk as soon as possible.


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Just thought that I'd chime in with a comment about tamping. I think that I've tried just about every method recommended. My current method which results in consistent times and volumes with no channeling from my bottomless portafilter is what I call the 'finger poke' method. It is sort of like a perverted Staub tamp. After leveling and before tamping, I just poke my finger into to coffee all around the periphery of the basket. It's kind of like tucking the sheet in when making a bed or crimping pie dough while making a crust.



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HB wrote:What I described in Dose, distribute, tamp. Repeat. is pretty much what Chris Deferio advocated.

Dan...forgive my obtuseness, but i seem to be getting conflicting theories here...I read on 1 hand when doing the "polishing twist, to do so WITHOUT downward force...and here, you describe doing it at the end with 20lbs of force....which is it?
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HB (original poster)

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That's part of the reason I offered the joke:

Man playing horn or women's silhouette?
Debates among baristas can be equally ambiguous.

Specifically, I was quoting David Schomer's article, which said for the last step "Finish with polishing the coffee by turning the packer [tamper] clockwise with 20 pounds of force" (link). I don't agree with him on this particular point, but he's surely thrown out more shots than I've made, so I thought it worth mentioning if only to demonstrate that even among the most experienced, there are no absolutes.
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Just like songwriting...more than one way to screw up a good lyric! ;>D
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