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akirapuff wrote:anyone try 1 kg airscape jars? just bought 2 of them to store a 5lbs bag of coffee. Debating whether or not I should freeze them.
I have the 1 pound version; I like AirScape for storing coffee at room temperature.

My experience has been that freezing changes (ruins) the flavor of the coffee even overnight, whether you keep it in the original one-way valve bag, transfer it to mason jars, or freeze it in an AirScape container. It completely changes the character of the coffee and destroys the aroma, defeating the purpose of freezing in the first place. You might have better success with freezing than me, and if that is the case, then keep doing what you are doing.

Recently, I discovered how I like to store coffee. I left about six ounces of coffee in an AirScape during an extended trip away from home. The coffee was five weeks old, and I was going to use it for pour-over, but I noticed that the coffee had a very strong and fresh aroma. So I pulled a shot with it, and I was amazed that it tasted fresh to me, and the shot had good crema. This is a dark roast coffee, so I was pretty surprised that it was still alive and tasting excellent after 5 weeks.

I repeated the experiment with a different coffee stored in AirScape at room temperature -- Vivace Dolce. Same result. Four weeks later this is still tasting excellent on the same grinder setting, lots of crema, and very good shot extraction, all which I associate with fresh roasted coffee. When I receive coffee, I immediately transfer it to AirScape containers, and then I use just one container at a time. The other containers that stay sealed will stay fresh for several weeks. For this reason, I would not want to use the 1kg size Airscape; I use the 7 inch medium size.

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Great article AB. Thanks for the link.


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Thanks def, thats reassuring to hear. I will try storing them in room temperature, report back. 5 lbs should last me a month. 1 kg should be good too as long as you don't open it right? Now I realize, I shouldve bought one 1kg, and 5 1lbs airscape containers..

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Yes, this has been my experience -- as long as you do not open the container, the coffee stays fresh for long periods. When you I do start using a container, I try to consume it within about 7 days.