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I appreciate all of the help. I'm currently away from my machine so will only be able to try new things in the coming weeks.

Mh machine is a flow control model. My pump sometimes goes as high as 10 bar, so maybe I need to adjust that down to 9 max.

Another thing work noting: I adjusted the FC to around 7 ML/S and leave it there. I figured I should not start playing with profiling until I can nail consistent shots.

My machine is not plumbed in. As far as age is concerned, It's brand new.


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Cool, let us know. I'm interested bc I'm not sure my shots are super consistent either. My machine arrived last week at 10 bar and after many bad shots I dialed it down to 9 bar. But as I said earlier my puck prep was bad. Better now. One of the first things I did was weigh the water that came out at 1/4 turns of the flow control. This is what I got:

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I will be testing a new bean that is roasted on Jan 3rd. This one calls for 18,5g in which might be a little better for the 18g VST basket.

Out of curiosity, what would be the appropriate flow rate to leave as a constant? I have around 7.5 ml/s now at 3/4 turn open, maybe 11 is better? My flow rates correspond more or less with yours above.