20g in 21g basket or 17g basket

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mason a

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Trying to dial in the process on a new machine. Switching from 53mm to 58mm portafilter and grabbed the 21g basket to start, assuming the 17g wouldn't fit 20g of coffee, but decided to switch it in and it does, barely. Just wondering about optimal room/space above puck. Both pucks compressed with Puqpress set at 30lbs.

21g basket

17g basket

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#2: Post by Jeff »

For many machines 2-3 mm above the tamped puck to the bottom of the screen is "enough". A US nickel coin is just shy of 2 mm.

Some machines do better with more or occasionally less, but that's at least a reasonable starting point.

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#3: Post by Jake_G »

With a GS/3, I'd just lock in the dry puck and remove to check for a light witness mark from the shower screw. If the screw buries itself in the bed, your 17g basket is too small.

Also, the 21g basket having more headspace will increase the fill time and likely have a slightly faster pour than the 17g basket.


- Jake
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