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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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#131: Post by JohnB. »

The Espressoparts HQ baskets fall somewhere between the old Synesso baskets & the VSTs. This one is my regular basket: ... ter-basket

As for what the Yemens like I find a they do best with a nice medium Full City roast & a 2:30-3:00 minute development time if you are roasting for espresso.

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#132: Post by GC7 » replying to JohnB. »

Thank you! That is where this roast probably landed. I didn't want to take it to a higher bean temperature and I don't think longer development would bring on any citrus or other acidity to the cup so I think this roast is pretty good for espresso.

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#133: Post by mkane »

773 might be OK.

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#134: Post by Boldjava »

Auction this morning by Qima's private collection. Big prices. Of particular note is that 5 of the coffees are not Yemeni origins but rather SL, Typica, etc. Must be more recent crops; have only seen old Yemeni varieties attached to listings.

https://auction.allianceforcoffeeexcell ... on-auction
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#135: Post by mkane »

With all the turmoil I surprised any coffee from that region ships anywhere

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#136: Post by drgary »

I finally had a chance to try two Yemeni roasts after the smoke cleared from wildfires. Otherwise the coffee roasting would have worsened air quality in our indoor exercise area. On these roasts I'm developing them a bit more than previous attempts. These are Yemen Mocca Mattari from Burman's. I'm putting on the brakes before 1C on both so I can develop them without going to a high drop temperature.

Added: Everyone says that now the wait starts for two weeks, but they start drinking it anyway. My roasts fill a 1.5 l jar. And of course, if I'm going to try this early, I'll brew a Middle Eastern coffee in an Ibrik. I'm tasting Roast 1 the morning after roasting it late yesterday afternoon. As the cup cools to room temperature, it has a plum and clove-like sweetness and it's earthy. As it rests for 1/2 hour it gets smoother and the earthiness now opens up to show cardamom and cumin. The long aftertaste is more spice than coffee. Added later in the day: An ibrik of Roast 2 was less sweet, more clarity, a slightly bitter top end. So far, I prefer Roast 1, which was charged cooler. How much cooler? ET was 25° hotter, but BT measured in an empty drum was 30°F hotter, so it's a guesstimate. Roast 2 spent less time in development. It has more sweetness and acidity as the cup cools. As it cools further the spice emerges. After it sat at room temperature for 1/2 hour, the spice emerged very strongly. Only time will tell which roast is better at peak. Almico has written that naturals are already partly developed. I think it depends on the coffee, bean size, density. The Panama Elida natural catuai only does well in my roaster with a fairly hot charge. Those beans are bigger too.


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