Wush Wush Conversation cont'd (aka Klatch "Super Wush")

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#1: Post by wingnutsglory »

This thread is intended for discussion on Klatch's Super Wush (and other suppliers' lower-intensity versions). This has certainly been a bean with very polarized comments. Love it or not, it's very unique and seems to need its own thread.

Original conversation started in the Greens Alert thread (at post #1961)...

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#2: Post by another_jim »

I'm having a hard time seeing the controversy.

We had three different roasts of it at our meetup. All are flower bombs in the aroma. Mine, with the longest finish (3 minutes from 375F to drop), had more caramels and pit fruit, while the Dan's and Klatch's roasts were more sugary and crisper (not citric, but a little tarter than peach or apricot).

It produced the best shots of the afternoon on all the grinders and machines. Preferences for the three roasts were roughly equal, and as usual, I liked another roast more than mine.

There is no hint of ferment in the coffee; and the sweetness balances the acidity at all the roast levels from light to medium (i.e. the acidity decreases in proportion to the caramelization reducing the sweetness, so the overall balance of sweet and acid remains the same as the roast flavors start to increase). It's one of the better coffees I had this year.
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#3: Post by Zaneemomo »

I'm about to roast my first batch of Wush. Will report back in a few days.

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#4: Post by bicktrav »

I mentioned this in the previous thread, but I've got both Wush's - Klatch's "Super" and Roastmaster's "Refreshing." They're both excellent and plainly related coffees, but the Klatch is an uppercut, where the Roastmaster's is a jab. I get loads of wild tones in the Klatch version including watermelon candy (I heard someone call this note Kool-Aid, which kind of makes sense), whiskey, umami tones like soy sauce, and basil. The Roastmaster's version lands more like orange marmalade and semi sweet chocolate. Both are excellent.

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#5: Post by walr00s »

I've never smelled green beans like these. They smell sweet before roasting. Have I just been missing out?

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#6: Post by bicktrav » replying to walr00s »

You catch that aroma on high quality natural and anaerobic greens. Pretty much never on washed.

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#7: Post by yakster »

The green Panama Elida Natural coffee is often very sweet smelling before roasting. Much more so than many natural processed coffees.

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#8: Post by Rush »

Roasted Super Wush just now. The most out of control a roast has gotten on me since my first few roasts ever. I have tons of thermal mass, so it's hard to really slow down at the end of the roast, but I guess I need to do everything I can so that the colors even out and I get a more controlled and slower FC to end.

wingnutsglory (original poster)
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#9: Post by wingnutsglory (original poster) »

Yeah it's by far the weirdest roast for me as well. Incredibly uneven and really hard to pinpoint where exactly to bookend the DT range. I've been playing around with it a bit and can't seem to find any sweet spots. Or I have and didn't realize it (I.e. incorrect assumptions).

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#10: Post by jakline »

You can count me in on the pro side. Roasting these beans with the Ikawa Espresso Roast 1 on my Pro 100 has yielded my favorite espresso ever. I've reordered (10 lb.).

You guys know any more gems like this?