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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.

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I finally took a crack at these beans to see what all the talk is about. Woah! Truly somenwild beans. The green scent is unreal. Smells like wine and soy sauce. Love it.

The roast was difficult. I agree with what others said. First phase resisted heat quite a bit. My peak ROR (35°/min) never got as high as usual (40°/min). Apparent 1stC is really late, hard to control in later phases, SUPER uneven roasting. I have some beans that are really dark and some that are good.

Overall, I took these too dark (my light roast are usually around 405°F). I used my normal criteria of ~2 min post 1stC to ensure complete development. I think AnotherJim might have the right idea and just use BT probe temp as a milestone. This is what I do for color change, anyway.
In addition to lower drop temp, I think I should be more patient in the first phase. I generally try to avoid ling drying times (+5min), but the energy here seems to push these beans too fast through the next phases.

1 day after roast, they were too roasty in a pour over.
3 days after roast and they are calming down and fruit is emerging. Not so much in the cup (still too roasty), but the jar smells like water melon.

In case anyone is curious about a failure Huky profile: