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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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I'm using either the Daterra Sweet Blue or the Pedra Branca Pulp Natural as a base. Currently mixing 10 gr. of the Sweet Blue with 6 gr of the washed Ethiopia Sidama Shantawene Village (SM 8/2020). This gives a tasty chocolate/orange straight shot. Roasted the Shantawene just into 2C. Next time I'll take it 15-30 seconds into 2C & see if I can tone down the citrus punch a little bit more.

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The just published March/April 2022 edition of Roast has a feature on "Best Practices in Blending Coffee" by Chris Kornman (Royal Coffee).

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olutheros wrote:i'm sure you could taste a contribution of flavor at 10/15% but from what i've read, lower amounts like that can run into some problems with consistency due to the statistical risk of getting an uneven distribution in any given cup/shot
Have been doing a bit more volume blending the past week. The formula plays into what coffees/roasts one's using and variances between them. The Yeast Honey Guat I've got roasted to Nordic levels punches through a pretty standard Brazil base at 15%. This gets a little lop sided though because of the weight of the Brazil so I've been throwing a Nicaragua Ethiosar in there at 15% so its 70/15/15.

I've not had settlement or inadequate blending issues of note. Of course bean size and weight has a lot to do with it and must definitely be considered. It's much more critical in a house espresso blend where the cafe will burn through literally tons a year than in the Casa or a private customer.

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Looks like the same or similar article is available from Royal.
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CarefreeBuzzBuzz wrote:Another Wush Wush blend a hit this morning.

Ethiopian Wush Wush Natural

Columbia Palo Roas Sugarcane Decaf
Do you mostly blend before making espresso or larger quantity out of the roaster?

Because a friend wants 12-16 ounces. I blend 18-24 after roasting, mix, measure his out and then save the remnant for me. Then after a week or so, I divide any remaining into my single dose freezer storage containers. I have brazil-Yemen-guatemala and brazil-ethiopia natural-nicaragua from January for further enjoyment in freezer now.
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Same friend just got 65% Costa Rica Terrazu La Minita with 35% Showroom Rwanda Kinini Village AA. It seems like a good mix on paper. I'll get his feedback in a few days.
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