What are you buying from Showroom Coffee?

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I moved back to Canada. There is a dismal lack of options up here for green coffee and it's got me upset.

Showroom has a pretty good shipping deal and I'm looking recommendations for filter coffees or anything else. I don't see people mention Showroom much.


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I'd be interested in hearing about this too. I might try Showroom the next time I buy more coffee. Average prices are higher than Happy Mug and a bit higher than Sweet Maria's, but they also provide specific lot info and I like that the tasting notes are up front and concise. If the higher price of their offerings is reflected in its quality and taste, I would be happy to pay it.

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I have been very happy with the coffees from them including the Kinini Village Rwandan that they did a roast along with.

You mention filter but not the flavor profile. For chocolate forward I would look at these.


https://showroomcoffee.com/product/fede ... meralda-3/

I don't think any description on any website can align with your tastes so what I suggest you do is pick 5-10 with enough for you to do 2-3 roasts and they pick from there.

Showroom also supports Artisan Plus which SM and HM don't. I no longer have the patience to manually record the bean data so that is a big plus.

The other thing you can do - I know right who actually makes a phone call anymore - is call them and see if someone will give you some advice.

Good luck.
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I ended up buying these four coffees. I wanted washed because I am looking for a Holiday coffee that can be brewed PO or espresso.

Fully Washed Federacion Abades la Esmeralda

Fully Washed San Mateo Yoloxochitlan

Fully Washed Cocatu

Fully Washed La Unión, Grupo Femenino FTO FTO
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Best of luck with your roasting adventure. But, I suspect with 3400+ posts, you have a very good handle on the outcomes.


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Where have you looked, there's more than you think but they aren't easy to find. I moved away from smaller lots due to cost but showroom definetly has great coffees. I have a buddy that also buys the Crown Royals. Agains I don't buy them due to cost. Singleorgincoffeecanada and greencoffeeco are two that I normally go to.
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STG (original poster)

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Holy smokes what does your buddy do with all that Crown Royal coffee? I'd love to get my hands on their Crown Jewels.

Yeah I now live in Calgary so I have access to Single Origin. Good guy and great prices but 10kg minimum and only allowed in 5kg increments. That is a ton of coffee for one household. I like experimenting and variety.

I've been working up slowly to starting a local group to buy coffee from him so we can try more stuff. Are you by chance in Calgary?

Hey greencoffeeco looks awesome! Thanks! I hadn't even heard of them. Looks like they have good stuff at a reasonable price.