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The natural gas pressure in my area is 1/4psi or 7"WC. From what I understand this is typical residential supply pressure. You just need nozzles to fire it up. You may find that you want to swap out your gauges to give you more resolution. Propane uses higher pressures so you'll be relegated to controlling the roast using a smaller portion of the gauge dial when supplying natural gas pressures. You will also not use the same flex line. You likely don't need a nat gas regulator at the valve but it's a good idea to have one just in case. The meter typically regulates the pressure well.

As for venting, I have a window raised and a sheet of plywood cut to fit the opening. Then I vent out of the appropriate wall thimbles through that board. This is nondestructive to the house, sealed tight enough to stay in place long term, and easily disassembled in a few mins. I vented the burner exhaust and cooling tray separately as described by another member. It was cheaper to run two separate lines compared to buying proper one way dampers.

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at 1.7KPa you'd need to burn twice as much gas volume, I doubt if the difference in nozzle diameter accounts for that much. I would not invest a lot on an experiment but you sure can try the natural gas nozzles, if you can hit dry end in about 4 min you're OK. (also depends on what your typical batch size is, I need approx 3.5-4 KPa propane which has higher caloric content in order to hit dry end 4 min from charging 400g.)
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