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#1: Post by Mogios »

Hello everyone,

I've been roasting on a popcorn popper for a few years now, and I want to upgrade to a more serious machine. I'm looking for one that will allow me to roast around 200-400 gr per batch.
I really love the Hulky 500 but the price is almost twice what i'm willing to invest. So the current option would be the Kaldi Wide at around 950 $ tax and shipping included (i'm from Europe).

What other options should I consider at a 500-1000 $ range ?

Thanks :D

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#2: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

This list is outdated but it may give you some ideas. Look at the Comorant but I think its in the 1,400 range.

Small Commercial/Large Home Roaster Index

The Cormorant has Landed!
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#3: Post by BarryR »

You could consider a Hottop thought the $1100 version doesn't allow for computer control and the Hottop is great with a PC link.
You could possibly find a used B2K+ (though I doubt you can do so for ~$1000) or get a modified used one or get a used one and modify it.

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#4: Post by Nunas »

Since you're already used to fluid bed roasting why not stick with it and get a Freshroast SR800.

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#5: Post by prof_stack »

The Behmor 1600 AB can make great roasts in the 200-400g size and good roasts up to a pound.

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#6: Post by Rickpatbrown »

What is it that you want from an upgrade?
You mention bigger batch size.
Do you want manual roast control?
Do you want ease of use?

I have been using a heatgun/ breadmachine for about 6 months and found it to be pretty good, especially for the price. It is definitely a bit challenging to set up and tweak, but that was also part of the fun.
Breadmachine 6$
Some sort of lid fabrication $?
Variable temperature heatgun $30-60
Arduino/TC4/probes $80-100
Cooling fan/mesh strainer $30

I can do 200g-350g batches no problem. It struggles a bit with a full pound, but might be able if I spent more time dialing it in.

It all depends on the control you have of the heatgun. Id suggest spending a little more for a higher quality gun.

That being said, I am buying a Huky next week. I am hoping this brings a new level of consistency and control to my roasting. The things I'm excited about are:
-Gas power, easier to control
-Air flow control
-Proper exhaust system
-Good looks. I can leave it set up in the kitchen
-A real Trier. Not my little fabricated ladle I dip in.
-Ability to drop beans with a lever, instead of turning the machine upside down.

I think the Kaldi Fortis and the Quest M3 are the other comparable machines. But, I think the M3 is a little behind then being electric (unless you prefer electric) and less ventilation.

The Hottop is much simpler, plug and play with computer integration.

You wont find anything that does all this for less than $1000-$1500. I would argue that $500-$1000 over ten years is negligible for the enjoyment of roasting and delicious coffee.

But if you want an upgrade on the cheap ... try the correto (HG/BM).


#7: Post by yamhill »

If you want to build something fairly simple, scto and kkto roasters are fairly easy and cheap. Used Quests May be in your budget too.

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#8: Post by BeanPoet »

The Behmor 1600 Plus can certainly handle that much coffee, but I would recommend it only if you don't roast very dark. Its smoke suppression is OK, but struggles when things really start to get smoky. If you're going past second crack regularly, it's probably not ideal.


#9: Post by disciple »

I have a behmor 1600 that is some 15 yrs old and have been roasting a pound a week. It handles 200-400gms without any problems. You don't have to build anything and its pretty easy to use. its also in the sub $400 price range. hth...

Mogios (original poster)

#10: Post by Mogios (original poster) »

Thanks for all of your replies.

I should have been more precise. I'm not looking for a easy-to-use roaster like a gene cafe or behmor, I'd prefer a "manual" one, working on gaz with a drum. I'm in for some modifications (adding TC probes etc...). But I don't wan't to build something or use some modified bread machine. Are there other roasters that are similar to a Kilde Wide (gaz, drum, price range) that i'm unaware of ?

Also , i'm looking for some second-hand websites /forum that are specialized in used coffee roaster :idea:

Thanks :!: