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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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#11: Post by TomP10 »

Ummm, perhaps folks might want to read this post before making further suggestions for modifications to this fabulous roaster. I think it pretty much explains everything!

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#12: Post by Adrock »

I suppose you could assemble an air roaster with a hair dryer and a bowl or funnel of some sort, but your idea is both more entertaining and more effective.

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keno (original poster)

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TomP10 wrote:Let's give credit where credit is due... the world's greatest coffee roaster -- Mr Sidd Finch -- was the first person to use a dryer as a coffee roaster --- back in 1985 if my memory serves.

- Tom
If memory serves correctly Sidd Finch was one hell of a rookie pitcher for the NY Mets who was reported to throw a 165 mph fastball! I didn't realize that he made home roasters too. Wow, very cool! I'd love to meet him someday. Does anyone know if he's still alive?


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did anyone catch the WSJ article about miracle fruit on friday? i had to go back a few times to determine it was legit... i'm still wondering if this is some remnant of an old story from an april past that has gained a life of it's own...

has me thinking what an espresso shot would taste like after eating the fruit :?

Gregg K

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Oh my god! This is totally brilliant!

I don't care if this thread is old, I have to reply with glee.

I've been so sad. I lost my beloved cat, Farnsworth. But this has brought some sunshine into my life.

I'd love to know if this is for real. I'm a skeptic. Please let this be an honest endeavor. Because I'm going to be wearing espresso flavored jeans, if it's true. My old dryer is sitting there waiting to be revived.


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Gregg K wrote:I've been so sad. I lost my beloved cat, Farnsworth.
Sorry to hear about your cat - that's something I've always had a tough time with. RIP Farnsworth :cry:

I don't think the dryer roaster is real, but it was so funny to see. I bet someone could roast in a dryer if they could get the heat up high enough, and then just add a temperature probe and trier lol.
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Gregg K

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Thanks. He was a great cat. 22 pounds. We went on a long journey together.

I thought the temp of a dryer wouldn't be sufficient. But it's a great thought.

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#18: Post by HB »

Gregg K wrote:I'd love to know if this is for real.
Please note the date of the original post: April 1st, 2007. I hurt myself laughing the first time I read it. Sorry to hear about your cat, I know how it feels; I wrote Toonces and our morning routine over three years ago and still miss my espresso buddy.
Dan Kehn

Gregg K

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Oh Dan, thank you. That was wonderful.

He was born under an oak tree with, I kid you not, a twelve foot diameter. I was there. His mother toted them one by one under my cabin in the woods. And even before that, when I had just moved in a year before, on a stormy night, there was a knock on the door, and it was her. She was feral and didn't want to stay. But was saying that she existed.

I lost his brother, Bart, a year ago. Bart evolved to the point where when I so much as turned on the Mazzer, he knew the milk wasn't far away. I would turn on the grinder and look over at the couch, and he'd give me that affirming look of understanding. Man, I miss that.

Well, so as to keep this somewhat off topic, and not totally cat related, I ordered one of the last Reneka Techno's in existance from Boyd. It should be here in a couple of days. Yee haw.

Now if I can only repair my soul.

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#20: Post by Psyd »

Gregg K wrote: Now if I can only repair my soul.
I've lost Decibelle the Sound dog, Sage Underfoot, Lace, and Whisky in the past decade. Trust me, the best way to repair your soul is to adopt another. If you think you might like dogs, but you're pretty sure you love cats, may I suggest a greyhound. Mostly cat, but with all the great attributes of a dog, too.
I just had both dogs undergo major surgery. $14K. I gotta guess that the new kids have already stolen my heart... and saved my soul.
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