Ubuntu 22.04 + Mastech MS6514 + Artisan

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#1: Post by Nunas »

If you happen to use the Mastech 6514 to send roasting data to Artisan, you likely use the string /dev/ttyUSB0 in the Artisan setup to link Artisan to the meter via USB; it's about the only way to do it :wink: Alas, upgrading to the latest version of Ubuntu, 22.04, breaks this. The culprit is a package called BRLTTY, which is installed automatically in 22.04. This package is for blind folks who use a TTY. Using synaptic to remove this package will restore the data stream between the 6514 and Artisan.

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#2: Post by MaKoMo »

Thanks for this report! I added a corresponding note to the Artisan Installation Instructions.