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So I'm curious,

What are folks' thoughts on roasting kona? Every kona I've had was roasted to nearly charcoal. When I roast it its at a light to medium.

Is there a specific roast level I "must" meet for this? I've found that lighter roast level also brings out the aromatics and volatiles better.


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I tend to do Kona lightly roasted as well. The key thing is make sure your post first-crack development phase rises to about 20 percent of the total roast time.

Below is a picture of one of my Kona roasts. The color appear correct on my screen, but your monitor may shift the color values depending upon adjustment.

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link doesn't work

bilsch (original poster)

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Yea link did not work for me either.

I wait for the first crack, hit the C button and wait for about 2 minutes and then drop to cool. So far it's worked out well enough. Next time I pick up some green kona I'll get more and experiment a bit with it.


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If someone can school me on how to post an image from my hard drive, I will be happy to post it.

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Thank you for the assist.


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Have you actually tasted impressive Kona? I havent. I always thought the price was way to high for what I was tasting and figured it was due to the limited quantity from logistically difficult island.

These are my thoughts on Kona.


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Yes I have, but then, I cheat. Any coffee you make to your favorite profile is going to taste better to YOU.
Roasted one way and you get more fruit/floral. Roasted differently brings more body, roasty-ness, chocolate and caramel.

The bean is versatile, and can be roasted to bring out what you feel is best of Kona.