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#11: Post by Boldjava »

Easy on the heat. They are all low grown.

I take them to 2:00 into 1st crack, shooting for an 8-min to first crack. Taste and adjust. Should give you a very balanced, smooth cup. Not distinctive beyond that.
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#12: Post by mkane »

Post #2. It looks to an untrained eye your charge temp was borderline too hot.


#13: Post by addertooth »

Charge temperature was 402f, with a glass drum which has low thermal mass. When you start with beans which have lighter floral character, you have to get to first crack pretty fast, before those lighter essences can be driven off. This goal was reached, as the floral nose was preserved. In the past I charged at a lower temperature, but lost all the floral characteristic. Each roasting machine has a slightly different behavior for a given intended profile. This is an adaptation is for doing Kona in a Gene Cafe roaster. The Gene normally suffers from a slower rate if rise than the "big boy" metal drum roasters can produce.

Still, excellent observation.