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I am a newbie when if comes to coffee roasting... I purchased a new Artisan 3-e fluid roaster. I love it so far!
Issue: My opinion is that it is missing a key feature that would allow you to monitor your bean temperature with some kind of graph display. Currently it just has a smaller device that lets you know your current bean temperature and the hot air coming out of the machine, but that's it.

Do you have any recommendations where I can go from here? I would need some kind of module that will allow you to plug into a computer and also connect to the temperature sensor on the roaster. A user-friendly option would be great with me on this. :)

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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Artisan and Arisan.Plus is what most people use here. I believe many have connected that to your roaster.
Artisan.Plus User-
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Thank you for the advice! I went ahead and purchased the hardware!
From what I could tell it seemed pretty simple to setup.

Thanks for the help!