TC4 and 16x2 Display

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#1: Post by roasterman »

I've been running the TC4 with a 20x4 display. Since I wanted to get a smaller display, for mounting purposes, I've received a 16x2 with I2C interface.

The instructions state:
LCD Options
The sketch supports both 16x2 and 20x4 LCDs. Disable the LCD_4x20 option if
using a 16x2 display. A 20x4 LCD is recommended as it allows the TC4 to display a more useful set of data.

My question is, how do I disable the LCD_4x20 option?

By researching, I noticed the 16x2 display can show what we need in a different order.

Here's a pic of what I'm currently getting.

Thanks in advance.


#2: Post by nash »

I'm not sure what sketch your using, but I did find this one: ... user.h#L40

If that is the same sketch, all you have to do is comment-out or delete that line that defines 'LCD_4x20' and it looks like the code will assume a 2x16 LCD.
If you have a different sketch, you can still search for a similar #define statement and that will likely be related.

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I downloaded the sketch in 2018. Looking at the TC4 folder, I created, the version I'm using is aArtisanQ_PID_6_7.
If there's a new version, where would I download it from?
Since it's been 4 years since I set all of this up, how do I load my sketch?
The file saved in my folder is titled aArtisanQ_PID.
I'd like to say thank you so much for your help.

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Hopefully you have the same arduino IDE which you used to load it last time. There are other ways to load a sketch onto the ardunio I think, but I don't know them.

If you don't use those things on a regular basis, why not just mount the 20x4 display which is working for you up to now?
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I have the same Arduino and wanted to get everything into a smaller box.


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I looks like the newest version is aArtisanQ_PID_6_8, but not much has changed, I wouldn't worry about updating.

To load the sketch, you need to plug in the Arduino to your computer and open the Arduino IDE. If you need to reinstall the IDE, you may have to reinstall libraries too.

There should be a "user.h" file in the project directory (together with the sketch file 'aArtisanQ_PID.ino') and you should be able to find the '#define LCD_4x20' line and remove or comment it out around line 39.

After you comment that line, just make sure you have the right port selected "Tools -> Port' and right board 'Tools -> Board' and hit the Upload button (looks like an arrow).

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It looks like I started the programming over. I found this web address and downloaded this. ... load_id=23
Is there an Arduino TC4 Artisan setup webpage that's more up-to-date? On the File > Serial Monitor, I didn't see a SEND option in this version of Arduino IDE.
I got to page 6 and received an error that it couldn't locate the user.h, which was there in the temp file.
Here's a screenshot of what loaded, but could not verify/compile.

Therefore, I couldn't upload it to Arduino.


#8: Post by nash »

I tried downloading the code from github and compiling it, but couldn't get it going easily. I thought that just manually adding the libraries would work, but there are additional errors in the project code itself.

I suspect that the code only compiles with a specific version of Arduino IDE or with specific configurations that are not documented. I would try to open an issue on github, or contact one of the contributors

I use the TC4 protocol, but with custom hardware and software, so I don't have any experience getting this running.